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Choose Your Mobile Payment Solutions Wisely 

The mobile payment industry is booming.  There is an influx of new processing companies attempting to gain a share of the market, so deciding on a suitable provider can be a daunting task.  Many of these start-ups rely on assumed simplicity to attract new clients.  However, there are aspects of credit card processing that are complicated…it’s simply the nature of the business.  Here are four questions a small business owner may want to ask when looking to start processing with a mobile device:


Earn More With Merchant Referrals

The Double Referral Program is available to all Merchant Benefits Alliance members within the Alliance Business Builders benefit package. The Double Referral Program is another way for Encore Payment Systems to say thank you for your business by offering $200.00 for every new merchant referred by an Alliance member.

No Cost Supplies on all Selected Payment Devices

No-Cost Supplies is another Encore advantage small business owners gain among several other benefits the company offers. As a payment processing company dedicated to helping grow small businesses, Encore provides their merchants with supplies such as terminal printer paper at no additional cost.

PCI Compliance Experts on Standby to Educate Merchants on Credit Card Security

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an organization established to ensure that all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.  PCI Compliance is a multifaceted issue affecting great amounts of people in large and small businesses alike. Unfortunately, small business owners don’t always receive the vital facts when it comes to PCI DSS compliance.

Customizable Gift Cards for Small Business

Customizable gift cards from Encore Payment Systems allow merchants access to several benefits by implementing a simple program into their business without the stress of complicated systems or fear of high costs.  With customizable gift cards, merchants will notice an increase in their customer base offering what amounts to a brand new and highly versatile product.

Increase Customer Loyalty with Cash Back Features

The system Encore has developed works basically like a ‘cash-less’ ATM machine.  When an existing customer, or even a passer-by, is in need of some cash the merchant can simply provide a cash back option right on their credit card terminal for PIN-based debit transactions.

New Terminal Features Connects Merchants Directly to Customer Service

Speed Messaging connects the merchant directly to a customer service representative with just one push of a button, which is conveniently located on the Clear Advantage family of terminals.  Once connected, merchants can easily order supplies, such as terminal paper, or discuss their account with the customer service representative such as upgrading to new services and checking on PCI Compliance status.

Merchants View Real-Time Transactions and Online Reporting

Online Statements are available for viewing up to six months prior on MyMerchantZone.com along with a monthly statement sent via e-mail.  For a small fee of $5.00 a month, small business owners can now view transactions the minute a credit card is swiped for processing.  This allows the merchant to review and track their daily transactions immediately instead of waiting for the monthly statement.

No-Cost Equipment Warranty for Merchants

The Encore Service Plus Plan is offered to all merchants processing with Encore, and provides merchants exceptional coverage on all terminals whether they are supplied by Encore or already owned by the merchant.  All merchants with non-functioning terminals will be supplied with a new terminal, of equal or greater value, overnight at a very low per-incident fee.  Merchants who are members of the Merchant Benefits Alliance program will receive their replacement terminals at no-cost as one of the many benefits of the program.


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