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"I have hit the streets after the great training and yesterday, my second day, I managed, with LOADS of help,  to close reprogram deals with both of my appointments!!"

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"...when things are the toughest for area merchants, I look like a hero because I have shown them how to save their hard earned money by just changing the number that their credit card terminal dials to process their sales..."

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"I offered to drive 45 minutes to pick it up the necessary paperwork for him. He couldn't believe that I would drive that far out of my way and to add to it, there was a severe wind and rain storm going on. "

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"Yes, I was new and I was green. But I had more than a couple of years of sales experience. My first appointment was a landscaping business. I didn’t think I stood a chance. I followed procedure to the tee, did a warm hand off to my Team Leader and we not only sold the merchant, but upgraded his system to a wireless unit as well!"

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"...many merchants are just not educated in regards to what we do and my job is to EDUCATE them. Three days later...I had sold 11 new accounts."

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"It is now March of 2008 and I am now nearing 200 accounts and building a great residual income."

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